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Zombie Candy Corn Cookies

I admit it, I was completely out of ideas for fall/Halloween cookies.  So I made zombie candy corns.  I think I just took corny to a whole 'nother level.

Then I did some little spiderwebs with spiders. Because I saw some spiderweb cookies at that were adorable, awesome, and amazing.  So I had to make a bad copy.

Anyhoo, I boxed these up and shipped them off to Afghanistan for Operation Cookie Takeover II.  Operation Cookie Takeover has a Facebook page, if you want to check it out.  I don't Facebook, so I can't provide a link or anything.

That's all I've got for now. Still been crazy around here. Even when I do bake, I don't have time to take pictures.  But Christmas cookie season is fast approaching, so I have high hopes for future blog posts.

That's all for now.


Taekwondo Black Belt Cookies

It's been a busy few weeks here in the D-oh household. Lots of stuff going on.  Nothing exciting, just lots of stuff.  *sigh*

But I did find time to make some cookies!  Two of the boy's classmates tested for their black belts this weekend, so the boy wanted to take cookies to the belt performance.  He is only three months behind these kids, so now I have to think up something to take to HIS performance.  Eek.

I was not terribly thrilled with how they came out, but they were fine.  The kids loved them. I used the Ninjabread Men cutters (again) because they're perfect, even if my cookies aren't.

I made sixty of these bad boys, so I was pretty glad when it was all over.  Almond cookies with vanilla icing.  They were supposed to be lemon, but apparently "lemon" and "almond" look the same when it's written on an extract bottle.

Anyhoo...that's all for today.