Thursday, February 27, 2014

Princess Tiara Cookies

A friend of mine asked me to make cupcakes and cookies for her daughter's birthday recently.  The theme was Sofia the First. She supplied Sofia cupcake picks for the cupcakes, which was nice.  I forgot to take a picture of the cupcakes.  You can thank me later.

But here are the cookies!

I have decided that I need a KopyKake. I am no good a freehanding designs.  I ended up tracing a small heart cookie cutter onto the cookies with edible marker, then piping over the outline. 

And bagged and beribboned.

I don't have a tiara cutter.  Fortunately, the wonderful ladies at Cookiers R Us saved me by suggesting a plaque cutter.  They are actually about 2/3 of a plaque cutter.  Half was too small. 

And my girl decided she needed to make a special cookie for the birthday girl so that the birthday girl would be happy.

She did a great job!  And used lots of disco dust!

That's all for now.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Valentine Snail Cookies and Other Nonsense

You heard me.  Valentine. Snails.

It's what happens when you let a 9 year old boy choose the Valentine cookies.

I guess they came out kind of cute.  They don't look like snails to me, though.

But I also made some other wet-on-wet cookies.  Regular Valentine cookies.

I kind of liked them. So I put some on a cake.

There may have been disco dust involved.

But that's the last of the Valentine cookies...sorry they're late.  Google Chrome has decided I'm not allowed to blog anymore, so I had to go back to Internet Explorer.  Yay.  Technology rules!

That's all for now.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Lace Cookies

Well, over at Cookiers R Us, the monthly cookie challenge theme was lace, so I made some lace Valentine's Day cookies! And some regular Valentine's Day cookies.  Because the lace ones took a really, really long time.

This one was kind of cool.  The red icing was a little too thick, so it stayed elevated instead of sinking into a grid.

Anyhoo, here's some of the others...

More to come in a few days.


Friday, February 7, 2014

Granola - Round 2

If you remember, a while back we made the Pioneer Woman's granola bars.  They were super yummy, but full of sugar (three kinds!!).  So I made it my mission to find a healthier but still yummy granola that my kids could snack on.

Enter Pinterest.  I found this recipe for Maple Vanilla Almond Granola at MyWholeFoodLife and it has been amazing.

Isn't it beautiful?  That's a double batch up there.  We eat it for breakfast with almond milk.  Yum.  Except for the girl.  She prefers the Apple Cinnamon Granola also from MyWholeFoodLife.  Little stinker.  So she gets her own batch.

The granola is sweetened/flavored only with maple syrup and unsweetened applesauce. Just what I was looking for.

So click on the links, go get the recipes and start making granola! You'll be glad you did.

That's all for today.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Giveaway Cookies

Here are the cookies I sent to Roxanne for the giveaway.  Valentine hearts.

Unfortunately, my oven was giving me trouble, and I think at least half of them, maybe more, were crunchy instead of soft. I didn't notice right away because I have a Maytag Gemini (double oven), and only the top oven is on the fritz. I was not amused.

Roxanne, if you're reading, I'm going to send you some replacements to make up for these.

Well, that's all for today.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lego Friends Cookies

My niece turned 10 recently, and she asked me to make some cookies for her birthday party.  Yay!  My kids never want cookies for their birthdays.  Punks.

Anyhoo, the theme of the party was Lego Friends, so here are the cookies I made.

The logos were royal icing transfers. They came out a little rough, but they were ok.

Lots of blocks.  Easiest. Cookies. Ever. And with all of those dots, I only had six or so craters.  It was a birthday miracle.

On the platter for the party.

That's all for today.