Friday, December 6, 2013

Cinnamon Roll Pie Crust

So the day before Thanksgiving I was cruising Pinterest, wasting time searching for recipes, when I came across this:

I was enchanted. In fact, I was so excited, I almost squealed.  And I'm not really a squealer.

So I made it forthwith.

Is that, or is it not, the most amazing thing you've ever seen?  It's a cinnamon roll PIE CRUST!!

It's so cool I have to post two pictures.

Anywhoo, here's the finished pie:

If I'm going to be perfectly honest, I'll have to say that I would have preferred traditional pecan pie filling.  The recipe says that it's close to traditional pecan pie filling, and it is, I just would have preferred straight up traditional pecan pie.  I would, however, add some cinnamon and some Princess emulsion.  And the frosting. But the crust was to die for.  Amazing. And very impressive-looking. :-)

(I did make my own crust and my own icing...the recipe in the link uses store bought, which is just fine if you don't have time to make your own.)

So there you go...another amazing Pinterest find.

That's all for today.



  1. That is one amazing looking pie!!!!

  2. Thanks, Marci! You probably can't tell, but I'm still a little excited about it. ;-)

  3. Wow...that crust is so pretty! However, Mr. Pecan Pie would have my head if I changed anything! One year I added chocolate and Bourbon, needless to say it was not a happy pie day for him! to hate it!