Saturday, March 21, 2015

Turtle Birthday Cake

Ha!  Fooled you!  It's not a chocolate and caramel and pecan birthday cake. (Although that would be lovely, in my opinion.)  It's a cake shaped like a turtle!!

Because that's what the boy wanted.

I was actually quite happy with how it turned out. I got the idea off of Pinterest, of course. The design as a whole is a mash-up of two different cakes that I saw. I wanted to do more on the base cake, but I was literally finishing up the border as we walked out the door. My time management wasn't the best with this one.

The square cake is two giant layers of lemon cake, torted, with two layers of home-made lemon curd filling and one layer of buttercream filling. It was gigantic. It stood almost 5 1/2 inches high (not including the turtle on top) and was incredible heavy. I should have weighed it. The turtle is a 6" round cake, vanilla-almond with buttercream filling. We served it at the party and then I took the rest to work on Monday. It was pretty good.

I almost made a terrible mistake in the mixing. I made a triple batch of lemon cake and filled my 6-quart mixer almost to the brim. But I managed to mix it all without spilling any. Although I had a few nail-biter moments during the process.

He really liked his cake, which is what matters. :-)

Now to plan the next birthday cake!  It's a never-ending cycle.

That's all for now.

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