Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Belated Independence Day Cookies!

So we've experienced a busy week.  The power was out for a few days...on the week we decided to play hookey from work...good times. 

After the power came back on we took the kids to an amusement park, which was a hugely popular decision.  In the ensuing days we went to an historical farm, grilled out in the back yard, treated Daddy's sunburn, went to a parade, made popcorn and watched's been a fun-filled week.

All that excitement meant that I was not anywhere near the computer for most of the week.  Which means I didn't post my 4th of July cookies.  So, without further ado, here they are!

Please don't judge me for my picture quality.  I arranged them nicely and took some pictures, but they didn't turn out.  Lighting again.

Some close-ups:

Please note the America is not chubby.

(Design above shamelessly lifted from LilaLoa )

Disco Dust!!!!

And that's all for now.  I sent most of these cookies to my grandparents across the country.  They haven't been well, so hopefully the cookies cheered them up a little.

I started to make more cookies, to take to cookouts and give to friends, but with the power out, I found myself outlining and flooding by candlelight.  The results were not optimal.  I did not give the cookies out, nor did I photograph them.  The family will be forced to eat them.  The horror.