Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birthday Cake with a Surprise!

We successfully completed our juice fast!  Well, me more than hubby.  He may have dropped out a day or so early.  But it was still a big accomplishment!

And what better way to celebrate the end of a juice fast than with making giant birthday cake that you can't eat because you're trying to stay healthy!?

My dad turned 65, so Grandma threw him a party!  I brought the cake.  And a lemon meringue pie.  The cake was served at the party.  The pie was not.

Dad's favorite is chocolate cake, so I made a giant chocolate cake.  Only, because it's me, I had to do a little something extra.  So the bottom tier wasn't chocolate at all.

It was a flag cake!  Sorry for the hacked up picture. The slices themselves were perfectly flaggy.  But I didn't get any pictures of those. Of course.

For the flag cake I used this recipe from Sweetapolita. I actually make the cake recipe four times. Each recipe filled a 10-inch cake tin about perfectly, and there were four 10-inch cakes. (The other two tiers were my favorite chocolate cake.) I built the flag cake using this tutorial from Glorious Treats.  It was a little touch-and-go there for a while, but we pulled through!

Well, that's all for now.



  1. That is one amazing cake!!! Great job!!

    1. Thanks, Marci! I had a lot of fun with this one!

  2. Holy Moly! That is fantastic!!!! I have to make one of these hidden cake things one day....they really are amazing! I am certain your cake was the talk of the celebration! Great job!

    1. Thanks, Susie! It caused quite a stir...especially with my husband, who was just confused until the cake was actually cut, then he got it!