Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cross-Stitch Birthday Cake

Well, because it's summertime, there's not a whole lot of baking going on around here right now.  I can feel it coming on, though, so I'll have new stuff soon.  In the meantime, enjoy the birthday cake I made for my mom a few years ago.

I don't often make a dedicated cake for my mom.  She and my brother practically share a birthday (they're six days apart), so usually it's a combined cake.  But this was a milestone, so she got her own cake!

Vanilla-almond cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant decorations (except for the buttercream roses).  Mom was an avid cross-stitcher back in the day, so this was appropriate, I think!

I was pretty pleased with how the embroidery hoop turned out.

I found out later there are molds for the scissors and impression mats for the cross-stitch fabric.  Both things would have been nice to know at the time, but it all worked out.

That's all for today.


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