Friday, July 4, 2014

Black Raspberry Pie Revisited

So I made another black raspberry pie. Still not crazy about the seeds, but the young'uns love the pie.

Thought I'd get fancy this time and try a lattice top.  I totally screwed it up, but you can't tell unless you look closely.

This time I added a little cinnamon to the fruit mixture.  I also took my potato masher to it.  But just a little.  I left lots of whole berries in the mix.

Aaand pie:

Do you like the paper plate? I know we've had discussions in the past about how classy this blog is. I just like to reinforce the issue every now and then.

Well, that's all for now.


  1. I love love love black raspberries. They bring back memories from summers spent with my grandma. I would pick them off her bushes and eat them by the handful. They are hard/impossible to find in the stores here though. I sure do miss them. everyone thinks I am talking about blackberries when I speak of black raspberries. Nope- and this pie looks like a total winner to me!

  2. You make me miss the Midwest so much! The berries in plentiful supply, your grass (real grass, but don't tell the Southerners I said that), and yep, paper plates! That pie looks fantastic, and your kids are so darn lucky!