Monday, September 29, 2014

80th Birthday Cake

It seems like there were lots of birthdays this summer. And I made lots of cake.  But didn't take many pictures. For example: I worked really hard on my great-aunt's 80th Birthday cake, and only took two horrible pictures. Here's the better of the two:

She's not a pastel buttercream rose kind of gal.  And here you also have a little insight into what my kitchen looks like after a cake. It ain't pretty.

Then I took two more bad pictures at the party, so I'll share those, too:

Aunt Iva is an Ohio State Buckeye fan, so I made a scarlet and gray cake for her. :-)  As an aside, I love my Agbay.  Best. Tool. Ever.

The other two cakes were chocolate.  The one in the foreground had mint chocolate ganache filling.  The one in the back (that you can't see...the pink one) had vanilla buttercream filling. Very tasty all around, if I do say so myself.

Anyhoo, that's all for now.


  1. Yum! People must be living right there. 80 and 100! I love this cake and all the flavors....however, I am a Big 10 girl and Ohio State is the team we love to hate...(right behind Mich State!) Who knew there was a fancy cake leveling tool? It does an awesome job, they look perfect!

  2. I love the cakes inside. It was like an extra special surprise. And I concur with your Aunt on the Buckeyes!! O-H!!!!