Monday, December 1, 2014

Sports Themed Birthday Cakes

A friend asked me to make a cake for some friends of hers.  There are three boys and they celebrate birthdays at the same time.  (And I never thought to ask if they were triplets or something...I'm going to have to ask her now.)

So they like sports. Basketball and Football.  And that's all the direction she gave me. She wanted two cakes, one for a family dinner and one for the party. Here's what I came up with.

Family Dinner:


And that was the day I learned that my son doesn't know ANYTHING about sports. I felt bad. He thinks he would like sports if he could watch them, but we don't watch them. Mostly because we don't have cable. I need to get the boy to my brother's house, to watch some football, pronto. (He asked me what a quarterback was. I didn't realize it was as bad as that.)

Anyhoo. That's all for now.


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