Monday, June 6, 2016

Penguin on an Angry Polar Bear Birthday Cake

The boy is mildly obsessed with penguins, what can I say? About half the time he wants a penguin on his birthday cake. And since he's my boy, I humor him.

So we saw the penguin cake on Pinterest and copied it, only he wanted it to be blue instead of black. I still don't know why.

Then he couldn't think of anything to put on the bottom cake, and he really wanted there to be a bottom cake. Since the day of his party was getting close, I suggested an angry polar bear face. He agreed (though he had his doubts) and I think it came out ok. It was definitely unique!

We had a combined party for both kids this year and the girl wanted a cat cake. First she wanted a cheetah, because she loves cheetahs, but then she saw a cat cake on Pinterest (I know, I know) and changed her mind. Which was good for me because it was the easiest cake ever.

And here they are together:

Not a bad day's work if I do say so myself. The penguin was coconut cake, the polar bear was lemon chiffon (it was amazing, I'll post the recipe sometime), and the cat was eggless chocolate cake, and it was actually very good. It's an old depression-era recipe. I'll post that one sometime, too, in case you know a vegan or someone with an egg allergy that still wants to have cake.

Well, that's all for now.

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