Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Operation Cookie Takeover!

One of the ladies over at, Tasha, is presently deployed in Afghanistan.  One day she posted to the forum and asked if anyone would be willing to send some cookies to her to pass out to her troops (I'm paraphrasing, bear with me).  Anyhoo, the response was quite favorable. Some members were going to send supplies so Tasha could do a cookie decorating demonstration. Many others were going to send cookies for the troops.   At first the goal was 1000 cookies.  People started referring to it, jokingly, as Operation Cookie Takeover.

Then one of the other ladies set up a Facebook page.  At last count there were over 11,000 cookies pledged.  Pretty cool, huh?  They're going to have media exposure, a cookie decorating contest and enough cookies to had out to troops in all of the outlying areas.  Cookie people are awesome!

Anyway, I just shipped mine.  I went with an Hawaiian theme, in patriotic colors, of course!


Flip flops and hyacinths...

Hawaiian shirts (thanks to Sweet Sugarbelle)...


...and all 50 cookies crammed into a box for shipping!

I certainly hope they make it all the way to Afghanistan in one piece. They are pretty heavily swathed in bubble wrap.  I shook the box and nothing moved, so hopefully they're good.

Well, that's all for now.


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