Friday, April 25, 2014

Going Away Cake

Two of my coworkers moved on to bigger and better things last week.  Jerks.

Just kidding. I wish them all the best.  And to prove it, I made a cake.

Whenever I decorate with buttercream, my cakes come out looking like grocery store cakes.  Oh well.  Lemon cake with vanilla buttercream.

Good luck, guys!


  1. must have really nice grocery stores there! We laugh about a birthday cake we got for my dad, and I asked them to write Happy Birthday Grandpa....It came Happy Birthday Granpaw.....only in the South! And yummy, lemon with buttercream!

  2. Back when I was 19, I was a clerk in a grocery store bakery. I had to write on the case cakes after the decorators were gone, so one of the ladies taught me how to write with icing and make buttercream rosebuds and leaves. Now every time I make a buttercream cake it reminds me of way back when. Argh. But we did have really good decorators in our store. ;-)