Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby Shower Cookies...with Ninjas

I just like to put ninjas into everything these days.  My son is a bad influence.  He's very into ninjas these days.  (Thanks,'re the best!)  He put a sign on his bedroom door that says "Ninja Dojo".  In 8-year-old boy printing.  It's adorable.

Anyhoo, the lady at church, Lisa, who is having the boy, got a platter of cookies at our last bible study of the summer.  She's due very soon, so I was glad she waited to get the cookies before giving birth :-)

As usual, I didn't take pictures until I had them wrapped up.  One of these days I'll get this blogging thing down.

A couple close-ups:

Aaaand, that's it for now.


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