Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Boy is a Genius

Well, not really.  But he is pretty darned smart.  And since he's only 8, his little brain isn't polluted by images of the way things SHOULD be. 

For example:  I cut out a baseball cap cookie in order to make this for a baby shower platter:

Please excuse the poor piping.  I was having squiggle issues with a Wilton #1 tip.  I need more PME tips.  Like, for real.

Anyway, the boy looked at the little naked ball cap cookie cooling on the rack and said, "Why did you make a bird?"  I replied that I had done no such thing and asked him to explain himself.

Well, long story short, he tried but I couldn't see it.  I'm really bad at alternate uses for cookie cutters.  The best I ever managed was turning a surfboard into a needle and thread.  But that's another post entirely.

I gave him the edible markers and asked him to draw what he saw. 

This is what he gave me:

Isn't it great?!?!  If I ever want to do something different, I show him a cutter and ask what it looks like.  He usually comes up with something utterly unique.

So not to be out done or left out, the girl asked for a cookie and some markers.  Here is what she produced (please keep in mind that she just turned 4):

And the back:

It says, "Dear Jesus, I love you.  Thank you for the birds and the flowers and the food and my family."

She's absolutely precious.  But she's not a very good speller, yet.


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  1. How sweet is that - I love it!!! And what a good "cookie think"-er!