Wednesday, October 31, 2012

3-D Spiders

Happy Halloween!

The Bearfoot Baker made 3-D spider cookies a couple weeks ago, and I decided I had to make them for the boy's Harvest Party.  Then someone decided that the kids would decorate their own cookies at the party instead.  I was left with a broken heart and a pile of icing transfer spider legs.  (OK, not really on the broken heart part.)

So I made three spider cookies just to see if I could.  They turned out ok.

My dots were a little runny, so it doesn't look like a bumpy spider, just a blobby one.  But the kids really enjoyed eating them.  And they played rock, paper, scissors for the spider half of the third one.  (I know, what was I thinking...three cookies...two kids...)  The girl won.  She was quite excited.

Anyhoo, I may make them again another time.  The boy really, really thought they were cool. 

I will post one last batch of Halloween cookies later.  I was slow in uploading pictures.


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