Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Wedding Cake

A friend from work asked me to make her wedding cake.  She brought me a picture of a Martha Stewart cake to copy. 

It was a smallish cake: 6-8-10.  The original had crab apples and bay leaf staks.  Guess what?  Crab apples aren't in season until next month.  And the bay leaves I ordered, from the only supplier I could find, never arrived.  So the cake has organic pink apples that I found at the local co-op market.  They were tiny as far as apples go.  And I found some fake tea leaves at Hobby Lobby that looked a little like bay leaves. 

The venue was beautiful.  It was an old winery.  In the cellar.  The walls and ceiling were fabulous old stones, and the ceiling was arched.  Perfect for a small wedding reception.

Did I mention the venue was downtown?  And on a BRICK street?  It was a white-knuckle drive, to be sure.  I told the hubby that if I ever do another wedding cake, it will be pick-up only.

The cake was red velvet.  I don't think I have ever made a three tier cake with only one flavor.  Here's a photo of the cake prior to icing, during settling time:

And prior to decorating:

The fridge makes a pretty good photo box.

And one more from the venue:

Anyway, that's all.


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