Thursday, November 1, 2012

Belated Halloween Cookies

I made these cookies in time for Halloween, but I did not upload the pictures in time.  *sigh*

You may recognize these cookies from two posts ago.  They are the Wilton monster/alien set from last year.  I made some for my boss, then I decided I liked them so much that I wanted to make some more.  Again, I stuck with the design on the box.  They were cute. And easy.  A perfect combo.

As you can see on the spider, I did play around with eyes.  I made some royal icing transfer eyes in different colors, and I piped some directly onto the cookies.  I can't decide which ones I like best.

When piping direcly onto the cookie, be sure to leave room for a little spread between they eyes, or they will run together.  Not that I would know anything about that.

I think this is my favorite picture from this batch. Does that make me weird?  Don't answer that.

And more of the super-easy green slime cookies.  Or maybe they're ectoplasm.  Either way, I couldn't resist sticking a eye or two on some of them.

The girl and I finally decided that this is a plant.  The boy insists that it's an alien.  Anyone else care to weigh in?

And finally: Behold the carnage that is my kitchen table:

I still like the little blue guys.
But that's it for today. 


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