Saturday, November 23, 2013

Apple and Caramel Pie

Thanksgiving is almost here!  That means it's time for pie!  Yay pie!

This pie is epic, especially when it's warm.  It's good enough when it's cold, but you really have to have it warm to get the full experience.

First things first, I apologize again for the pictures.  I found my camera, but it's broken now.  Of course.

Anyhoo, first thing is to make some taffy.  Mix melted butter, brown sugar and flour in a bowl until it's crumbly.

Don't make fun of my pitiful little plastic bowl.  It was a wedding gift. It's like, 16 1/2 years old.

Now peel, core, and slice some apples.

Go ahead and forget to engage the peeler for your first apple. It's fun to peel a sliced apple.

I use winesap apples that I get from the local fruit farm. I have loved winesap apples since I was a child. We lived in San Diego and we would drive up to Julian for apples in the fall.  Stopping at Dudley's Bakery on the way.  Is Dudley's still there?  I love their potato bread.

Moving on, throw the apples in a bowl with some sugar, flour, cinnamon and lemon juice.

Toss to coat.

Now grab a bag of these:

When I first started making this pie I had to unwrap and quarter individually wrapped caramels.  Then Brach's got wise and invented caramel bits.  I love them.  I think I used about a cup. It was definitely half a bag.

Now start layering into a pie shell.  Apples, caramels, taffy.

And one more layer of apples, caramels, and taffy.

Top it with more crust, brush on some cream, sprinkle on some sugar, and pop it in the oven.

50 short minutes later, you have pie:

It's wonderful. You should try it.

Apple and Caramel Pie

1 Recipe double pie crust

1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1/4 cup butter, melted
1/3 cup all-purpose flour

6 cups thinly sliced baking apples
2/3 cup white sugar
3 Tbs all-purpose flour
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup caramel bits or 20 caramels, unwrapped and quartered

2 Tbs heavy cream
Granulated sugar

Preheat oven to 375.  Mix the first three ingredients together in a small bowl until crumbly to make taffy.

Put apples in a large bowl with sugar, cinnamon, flour, lemon juice and salt.  Toss to combine.

Spoon half of apple mixture into a crust-lined deep dish pie pan.  Sprinkle half of the caramels over the apples.  Sprinkle half of the taffy over the caramels.  Repeat with the second half of the apples, caramels and taffy.

Top with remaining pie crust and vent. Brush heavy cream on top crust and sprinkle with sugar.  Cover the pie with foil and bake for 25 minutes.  Remove foil and bake for an additional 25-30 minutes, or until the filling is bubble and the crust is golden brown and delicious.  Serve warm. A big scoop of vanilla ice cream certainly wouldn't hurt.

Well, that's all for today.



  1. I wish I could find a winesap apple here! Not sure why they are so evasive in the South. We used to sell that apple, peeler. corer, slicer at Williams Sonoma, and we sold a ton of them. Haven't seen them in a few years, but they are pretty slick! The pie looks fantastic....Happy Thanksgiving! Are you going to Cookie Con?

    1. I would be lost without my peeler, corer, slicer! And I am going to CookieCon! I just bought my plane ticket (eek...still having a little sticker shock). Will I see you there? Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  2. I must try this recipe! It sounds amazing!!! And I don't have an apple peeler and corer like that. I do it the old fashioned way, but am always looking for a reason to buy a new appliance/gadget!

    1. Seriously, words cannot describe how good this pie is. And you won't regret picking up an apple gadget. It's the best. :-)