Saturday, November 9, 2013

Caramel Cookie Cups

Good morning!

I made cookies the other day!  I have been meaning to try this recipe for a LONG time, and I never had an occasion.  But yesterday one of the gentlemen at my job moved on to greener pastures (he found a better job) and to celebrate we threw him a party.

I am so sorry for the wretched photography. I did find my camera this morning, so there's hope for the future.

Anyhoo, I used this recipe from Baking Joy. It was an adventure because I don't have a good scale and the recipe is European, with the ingredients listed in grams.  In fact, here is an approximate representation of my scale.  Only mine is a little chintzier. Really. It's a wonder anything I make turns out.

But I'm happy to say the cookies came out perfectly! I did not use caster sugar, as the recipe says, because I've never in my life seen caster sugar in the grocery store. I also could not find Cadbury Chocolate Caramels, so I used Dove. I was out of chocolate chips (that has never happened, ever! What gives??) so I used mini chips. Finally, I have no idea what a bun tin is, so I used a mini muffin pan. :-)

I doubled the recipe and got 68 cookie cups, which means the original recipe would make 34 cookie cups, which means a bun tin is about twice as large as a mini muffin tin because the original recipe on Baking Joy made 15 cups. (Yay, I can do math!)

(Again, I apologize for the pictures.  Go over to Baking Joy to see some good photos.) The cookies were all gone by the time I left work, which was pretty impressive because I didn't set them out until lunchtime. I will definitely make these again, and I may even use the base cookies as my chocolate chip cookies for Christmas this year.

Speaking of Christmas, this morning I realized that it's about six weeks away and I nearly panicked.  I have not started anything yet and I like to be done shopping, etc., by the end of November.  I hate crowds. And I have not bought anything for Thanksgiving dinner yet. Eeek. If you need me I will be under my bed, curled up in the fetal position.

But that's all for today.



  1. this seems to be the trend, cookies with decadent stuff inside! They look super rich!

    1. Yes, they were! Of course, at the end I ran out of caramels so I started chopping up Halloween candy and stuffing them with that. It worked. ;-)